91 PC suite for iPhone v2.9.50.215 released!


PC Suite for iPhone update to V2.9.50.215 (Jan.13 2011)

How to Change 91 PC Suite's Language from Chinese into English

91 PC Suite for iPhone has updated to V2.9.50.215. You can update your PC Suite to the latest version via the auto-update function, or click on the official download address of Panda PC Suite to download its complete installation package and install it.

Free! - 91 PC Suite is totally free to use. Additionally, it offers free technical support, free resources downloading and installation
Manage your smart phone easily and safely! - Back up and import contacts, back up and import call logs and SMS records, set the ringtones, themes and wallpapers, manage the system, memory and registry of the phone, install and uninstall software, manage schedule…you can manage all functions and settings on your smart phone.
Chat via SMS! - You can chat with your friends and family via the SMS online on your PC easily.
Massive resources, free to install! - Wallpapers, ringtones, themes, softwares, games and eBooks, FREE is our eternal principle.
Gorgeous use experience! - We integrate the iPhone style in PC Suite to make you enjoy the most fashionable interface and feel the most considerate operation during your use.

91 PC Suite for iPhone v

Update Log:

New Features:

1.Added support for unjailbroken devices in iPod (iOS4.2.1 temporarily not supported).
2.Added book path setting option in Download Settings to allow you to decide where to store the downloaded books.
3.Added support for thumbnail preview on iOS4.2.1 devices in Pictures.
4.Added support for adding music to the playlist by mouse drag in iPod.
5.Added access of Official Blog, Feedback and White-apple Report on the Start page.
6.Modified the ScreenSnap feature by adding Copy to Clipboard, Save to Local and other features.

Feature Improvements:

1.Optimized the installation of IPA apps by using the installation interface of iTunes.
2.Optimized wallpaper resources and added option for filtering iPad and iPhone 4 resources.
3.Optimized theme resources and added option for filtering iPad and iPhone 4 resources.
4.Optimized Books by providing the same supported book formats as Panda Reader.
5.Optimized support for iPad version Panda Reader in Books.
6.Optimized Contacts to make it more convenient to manage your contacts.
7.Optimized the deletion of events in Calendar to provide more stable support for large data.
8.Optimized Fix Startup by adding support for fixing system files and restoring their permissions to the original ones.
9.Optimized Backup & Restore feature to provide better support for iOS4 devices.

Bug Fixes:

1.Fixed the bug that when PC Suite has been run, One-key Install feature may lose effect.
2.Fixed the bug that ringtone setting may be invalid while configuring contacts.
3.Fixed the bug that in Contacts, PC Suite may crash when you click “Search” to search contacts which have been added to favorites.
4.Fixed the bug in Contacts, PC Suite may crash when you enter more than 20 characters in a contact’s telephone number column.
5.Fixed the bug that during One-key Transfer, the interface may get stuck while transferring alarm clocks.
6.Fixed the bug that the enabled themes may not take effect on some devices.
7.Fixed the bug that in iPod, PC Suite may crash when there is no a default player for local music play.
8.Fixed the interface disorder caused by a too long phone name.
9.Fixed the bug that in Files, if you click to skip a file while uploading multiple large files, the action may not take effect.
10.Fixed other bugs.

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