91 PandaHome HD v1.2 for ipad updated


Please use PC Suite to install this app.

We are pleased to announce that 91PandaHome HD for iPad has been released now!!!
91PandaHome HD is a homescreen enhancement app specially designed for iPad users and it offers lots of custom features, including theme, wallpaper, transparent dock, dynamic theme, etc. Besides various homescreen beautification features, 91PandaHome HD also offers the following considerate features:
■ Hide any home apps as you like;
■ Expand the number of apps allowed to display more apps on your home screen;
■ Show “Latest Installed” shortcut on your home screen to make you find newly installed apps easily;
■ Allow you to switch between standard and power-saving mode;
■ Allow you to create blank and transparent icons on your home screen;
■ Integrate Respring, Reboot and Power Off functions similar to those we have provided in 91PC Suite.

Q: How to upload a theme manually?
A: Please follow the steps below:
1) Launch 91PC Suite on your computer, go to “System”->“Files” and locate to "/var/mobile/Media/PandaHome/theme" directory;
2) Drag the theme you want to upload to this directory, select the “mobile” user and set the “authorization” to 755, and then tick the “Apply to folder, sub-folder and files” box;
3) Open 91PandaHome HD on your phone and go to the “Themes” list, select and tick the theme you just uploaded, and then save your selection, exit 91PandaHome and respring your device.

91PandaHome HD for iPad V1.2 Updates:
1. increase the function of small desktop plug-in
2. increase the function of place icons at any position
3. place the recently applied themes in front of other themes








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