91 PandaHome for iPhone v1.5.1 updated!


91 PandaHome is a Home enhancement tool specially designed for iPhone and iPod Touch users and it provides diversified customization features, including theme, wallpaper, transparent DOCK and dynamic theme. Aside from various features to beautify your Home, 91 PandaHome also provides the following considerate features for you:
■ Download themes online;
■ Hide any home icons as you wish;
■ Provide both standard and battery saving mode for you to switch;
■ Allow you to create blank transparent icons;
■ Multitasking settings for iOS4.x;
■ Integrate optimized Log-off, Restart and Turn-off functions also contained in 91 PC Suite.

91 PandaHome supports iPhone,iPhone 3G,iPhone 3GS,iPhone4,iPod Touch with iOS 3.x and above.

PandaHome for iPhone V1.5.1
Bug Fixes:
1) Improved the Multi-screen Wallpaper widget to enable it to coexist with Barrel;
2) Added a switch in "More" to allow you to turn on/off the dock scrolling and resolved the conflict with other applications that also support dock scrolling.
Supports iOS3.0 and higher








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