New 91 PandaHome v1.9.9.6 for android released


91 PandaHome for Android V1.9.9.6 Updates:
1. Fixed the issue that you might not be able to enter the Settings interface on some phone models, like G3;
2. Removed built-in theme files, and now no more themes will be installed by default along with the installation of PandaHome.

91 PandaHome is a theme management application on Android platform developed by NetDragon Websoft Inc.
1.A brand-new Android Home replacement app, allowing users to switch themes of different styles freely;
2.Perfect and easy-to-use theme management, facilitating users to use and edit themes;
3.Support installing and applying independent theme packages and APK theme packages;
4.Compatible for third-party theme packages, icon packages and font packages;
5.Support free download and use of online theme packages;
6.Free to modify wallpaper, drawer background, transparency and random app icon;
7.Support customizing display name, font size and font color of apps;
8.Provide different clicking effects on Home;
9.Support changing skins of such widgets as clock, search, etc;
10.Support changing themes “dynamically” via gravity sensor;
11.Change theme and wallpaper at set time;
12.Multi-screen support, allowing users to add screens leftwards and rightwards at will;
13.Support dockbar customization and changing dockbar skin via theme packages;
14.Enhance the system’s ringtone customization function, allowing users to select any audio format files as alarm clock and call ringtone;
15.Theme preview function, allowing users to preview local and online themes conveniently
16.Theme backup function, allowing users to back up local themes including 91 PandaHome themes and third-party aHome/OpenHome themes to SD card easily;
17.User data backup function, allowing users to back up their Panda Home data, including icons, widget locations, dockbar layout, etc. conveniently;
18.Perfectly compatible with both firmware 1.5 and 1.6;
19.Circular Quick Menu, facilitating your operations;
20.PandaHome Toggles: on/off of Click Effect, Screen Auto-rotate, Shake to Switch, Quick Menu and Theme Switch;
21.Icon Hide: it allows you to hide any app in the drawer;
22.Theme Module DIY: it allows you to customize theme modules and apply modules of one theme to another theme.

If you have any suggestions or comments, please email to: Thank you for your support to PandaHome!

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